DWF Labs Invests $25M in Privacy Tech Startup Beldex

DWF Labs Invests $25M in Privacy Tech Startup Beldex

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  • February 25, 2023
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Beldex, a Web3 ecosystem of decentralized applications that protect users’ data and identity, has raised $25 million through a new partnership with DWF Labs, a digital-asset market maker and investment firm. With the funds, Beldex will be able to conduct research and development, and DWF will serve as a marketing advisor and counselor.

“We are excited about Beldex’s ecosystem, which offers scalable and secure decentralized applications prioritizing privacy,” DWF Labs managing partner Andrei Grachev said in the announcement. This ecosystem relies heavily on the BDX token, which provides a secure means of payment and incentives for users to participate. As a cryptocurrency player, we believe Beldex’s innovative solutions and focus on privacy and decentralization make it a strong contender.”

With Beldex, users can use a private messaging app called BChat, a decentralized virtual private network called BelNet, a Web3 browser called Beldex, as well as a cross-chain privacy protocol called Beldex, which enables anonymous asset transfers between different blockchains.


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